Embrace the power of transformation with L’atelier Nawbar – a fine jewelry line, rooted in tradition, that speaks to a new generation. A holistic collaboration between designers, artisans and consumers, the atelier celebrates, innovation and elegance in jewelry for the modern woman. Each collection exudes the Nawbar heritage – handcrafted by artisans using timeless techniques, with a style and concept that enlivens the senses.

Dima + Tania
All that glittered was gold for Dima and her younger sister Tania, playing in their
father’s jewelry shop in London. Their lineage of master jewelers dates back to 1881, when their great-great-grandfather opened the first boutique in Beirut’s famed gold ‘souk’. Dima and Tania’s father, Elie, continued the family tradition, crisscrossing between two continents, and the atelier in Saifi Village opened in 2011, as an extension of their jewelry legacy. The sisters are now the fourth generation of Nawbar jewelers, reinventing history and taking cues from their unique personal stories.