“I design jewelry that is personal to me in the sense of its simplicity and the feeling you get from wearing it.”

May jewelry is my personal life story and an expression of my strong passion for design. Every piece I design I develop a relationship with, which makes me fall in love with that piece, therefore every piece I have sold has a little bit of me in it. In my eyes, the simpler the jewelry design the more personal it becomes. Because beauty does not lay in the piece itself but gains it from the person it adorns. The more one wears it the more beautiful it becomes.”

– May Al Qassar

May has a visual admiration for beautifully designed objects. Her interests are in prints, paintings, and photography. She first started designing jewelry in 2007, when she had just moved back to Kuwait. At first there were a few pieces custom designed for family and friends, now her beautifully designed pieces can be enjoyed by everyone. Her biggest inspiration to starting jewelry design as a business came during her life living in New York, believing that anything you want to do in life is possible when you are passionate and true to your work. May started designing customized letter jewelry piece, Al Harf Collection, which are by order. In February 2014, she launched two collections that are based on Arabic letters and inspired by personal lives of Bain Al Harf and Bidoun Harf. The latest collection, launched in 2018, is called May’s Garden, based on an abstract design of different flowers. May Al Qassar has a BFA in Communication Design from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.